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10 Rules of Marketing Strategy

There are probably 900 rules of marketing strategy, but these are the ten, in my humble opinion, that make or break a good strategy. Keep objectives and goals straightened out. Vision -> Mission -> Objectives -> Goals.(It’s very “cutesy” to come up with the “BFHG” and other bullcrap these days. Go with what works. Strategy…

Business Guide to the Four Types of Internet Users

If you have no idea what (or who) you are aiming for, you won’t even know if you hit them. You can stumble across what are often considered to be respectable conversion rates in the single digits.

How to Leverage the 8 Persuasion Principles to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Whenever your prospects turn on the TV, read the paper, commute to work or check out their phones, they are bombarded with a thousand persuasive ads.

We eat, breathe, and sleep automotive marketing, so you don’t have to.