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Owning Your Own Domain

You aren’t in this alone. 3VE has one very important rule: you own your domain. There are quite a few reasons why we want you to own your domain – namely being: it’s yours.  You’ve used that domain since your company first got on the internet and you’ll use that domain long after your marketing…

Cache, cash, casch?

Why are you asking me to clear it and why would I want to? Whenever you hear someone from our team say “please clear your cache” – what we are referencing is a collection of information in your browser that helps with one thing: speed.  The internet is slow. I know that is contradictory to…

COVID-19’s Impact on Tire & Auto Shops – Jumping Into The Unknown of The First 30 Days

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it almost overnight, leaving many small businesses stretched thin and scratching their heads looking for answers. The federal government has taken a step back to allow local governments to manage this process, resulting in varying degrees of mitigation enacted depending on where you are. Cities, counties, and…

Coronavirus Update: How 3VE Is Supporting Our Clients During The Pandemic

With worldwide concern mounting around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), 3VE continues to focus on the health and safety of our employees, while continuing to help our clients grow in ever-changing markets. We want to assure you that our team continues to provide the highest level of care for our clients, even while working remotely for the…

10 Rules of Marketing Strategy

There are probably 900 rules of marketing strategy, but these are the ten, in my humble opinion, that make or break a good strategy. Keep objectives and goals straightened out. Vision -> Mission -> Objectives -> Goals.(It’s very “cutesy” to come up with the “BFHG” and other bullcrap these days. Go with what works. Strategy…

Individual and Organizational Growth: A Story about Rebranding, Fasting, and Puppies

In February of 2018, my team and I were ready to begin the terrifying but necessary task of rebranding our company. The rebrand wasn’t just an update to our “look and feel,” though valuable in and of itself.

Business Guide to the Four Types of Internet Users

If you have no idea what (or who) you are aiming for, you won’t even know if you hit them. You can stumble across what are often considered to be respectable conversion rates in the single digits.

How to Leverage the 8 Persuasion Principles to Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Whenever your prospects turn on the TV, read the paper, commute to work or check out their phones, they are bombarded with a thousand persuasive ads.

When R&D = Rip-off and Duplicate

While standing on the production floor of one of the largest manufacturers of domestic aftermarket auto parts in the US, the CEO pointed to a tiny dark corner and said, “There’s our R&D center… you know, rip-off and duplicate”.

We eat, breathe, and sleep automotive marketing, so you don’t have to.