what is Strategy-First?

3VE is a strategy-first creative marketing agency. Our creative and technical processes are defined by your custom-tailored strategy.

In this day and age, the term “strategy” is far too loosely defined, and in most cases, sadly, “strategy” is a Gantt chart and an outline. In order to correctly chart your destination, you need to understand where you currently are, as well as all of the possible pitfalls you may encounter on the way.

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So, What Makes Our Strategies Different?

We start from the ground up and help you define your mission. 3VE then takes that vision and make it realistic by developing the strategic mission, objectives, and actionable goals. These actionable goals can (and in the case of most of our clients) are defined within multiple digital, PR, and non-digital marketing platforms. Once your strategy and goals are defined, you now have a turnkey marketing solution.

With a turnkey marketing solution, 3VE will be able to provide a full-service capabilities suite to propel you into its next business lifephase and brand evolution. We base all services and deliverables on actual hours (with full transparency and insight). It also ensures we are able to provide the right solution and service at exactly when your business needs it.

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