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Who we are

Our team is an eclectic group of world beaters - hand picked from nationwide companies both big and small. We love marketing. We love business. We love our clients we love results. Unfortunately, typical agency life can get in the way of the things you love. Those of us that came from big agencies became sick of endless buzzwords and corporate bloat. Those of us that came from small agencies full of deceptive tactics and rehashed templates, became sick of square pegs and round holes. Nothing seemed to fit any of us just right. 3VE formed because we were united under a common love and a shared vision of what marketing could be if all efforts were exhausted around one true metric: unparalleled work while staying true to an industry leading process. Essentially, we were born out of love for the game, but hate for the players.


As we developed our “Solve+Move+Evolve” process, we fell in love with the idea of identifying trend-setters that aligned with each phase. We compiled our favorite quotes and how they align with our Solve+Move+Evolve. Check them out!

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